About us

DK Transportbaand Headquarters

The history of DK Transportbaand dates back to 1962, when the company “JAM” was founded by Engineer Jorgen Anker Mortensen.

In the beginning DK Transportbaand started producing and supplying high quality conveyor belts focused and designed for the Scandinavian seafood processing industry. Trawlers that came back in to the ports from their fishing trips needed to replace belts in order to go back out fishing again. The high level of service and precise delivery times made DK Transportbaand the preferred supplier for the Scandinavian seafood processing industry.

In the meantime, DK Transportbaand started expanding, developing and producing new conveyor belts for the agricultural food processing industry. Many of the common food processing applications, such as; Blanching, Steaming, Cooking, Washing, Draining, Drying, Cooling & Freezing are done on DK Transportbaand conveyor belts.

After relocating our production facility several times to keep up with the increasing demand of our conveyor belts, we currently produce all our belts in our factory on the Danish island Fyn (Funen), in the city Ferritslev. With the current production facilitating over 3.000 m2 to ensure current and future demand.

In 2018 the decision was made to open a sales office in The Netherlands to further improve the service level for Western and Eastern European customers.